Battlefield 2042 is the new game in the Electronic Arts franchise that has finally been announced. The first person shooter title is coming t PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. The release is scheduled for October 22, 2021 worldwide. In the new game, the story takes place in the near […]

Quick Matches have changed and they are even quicker (got it?)! We added platform filters and now it is easier and faster to find friends and play at Sherwa. Before connecting to a player, you will be able to choose the platform you are playing and Sherwa will automatically connect you with someone compatible or […]

Brazil dominates Rainbow Six Siege . The NiP team became R6 world champion this weekend in the Six Invitational 2021 championship. Ninjas in Pyjamas won the world champion cup after beating the also brazilian Team Liquid by 3-2 in the final. For the Rainbow Six Siege championship title, the winners earned $ 1 million. Brazil […]

Resident Evil Village , or Resident Evil 8 , is one of the great releases of the year for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC . The game is scary, has a lot of action and already appears as one of the best in the Capcom franchise. There’s a lot […]

Being a mother is not an easy task. Being a mother, gamer, streamer, youtuber, presenter and influencer, is much harder. But Cris Nikolaus can handle everything: the three daughters (the youngest was born in January this year), the streans and the show hosting. And besides all that, she was also a cosplayer. To celebrate Mother’s […]

Mother’s Day is coming. For those who don’t know, it takes place on Sunday, May 9th. And the games are full of mothers with a warm heart (okay, some not so much) who give all the love and affection that their children need. After all, mom only has one! Therefore, we present some of the […]

Neymar Jr. is one of highlights of this Fortnite season. The Brazilian team and the French team PSG soccer player has skins, dances, emojis and sprays that can be obtained in battle royale for those who bought the season pass and performed specific missions for the athlete. The 11 Best Fortnite Skins Streamer Brazilian Patriota […]

One of the greatest soccer players of the moment arrived in Fortnite and is one of the highlights of this season. Neymar Jr. is in the game! Epic Games released a short video that shows what content the Brazilian national team and French club PSG player will bring to the battle royale. Watch above . […]

Cooperative games are excellent to play with friends or family either online or in the best of the local multiplayer, called “couch play” these days. Even more, at this time when we’re still in the pandemic, it’s a good way to have contact with the people you like most and have fun. Sherwa already showed […]

Besides telling amazing stories, many games have secrets to reward the most dedicated and curious players. From references to classics movies, pop culture and even to other games, the famous Easter Eggs are sometimes so well hidden that it takes a couple years for them to be found. We know that sometimes life moves too […]