The Tokyo Olympic Games have started and it’s having a lot of talk because of one of the new sports that are being played on the other side of the world: skateboarding. It’s the first time that skateboarding has been played at an Olympics and Japan and Brazil were the highlights. The Japanese had two […]

The Sherwinter Games, the biggest gaming event this winter, has begun. The competition between the biggest streamers starts this Friday (23rd) and runs until August 6th with the games Fall Guys, Gartic, Rocket League and Brawhalla. The streamers will be split into pairs for match matches and each team will stream from their own channels, […]

Lebron James, Los Angeles Lakers basketball player and one of the greatest players of all time, will be skinned in Fortnite. And she is awesome! He arrives for the current season along with Superman and Rick Sanchez skins. The player skin is scheduled to arrive at the game store this Wednesday (14th). Lebron will have […]

One of the most played games at the moment has finally received its new version. Genshin Impact has entered phase 2.0, bringing many new features to the online action RPG. The announcement, made this Friday (9), had a video that shows a little about the new content. With the update, the new Inazuma region arrives […]

Nintendo revealed this Tuesday (6) a new version of its Nintendo Switch. The model, which can be played either on a TV or in portable mode, has a 7-inch OLED screen, which features better color quality. The model also brings a new stand to play with the console when playing in portable mode (there are […]

The International LGBTQIA+ Pride Day is celebrated across the planet this Monday (28th). In recent years, the acronym has undergone some changes. However, the focus is always the same: respect and inclusion of people with different sexual orientations and gender identities. Games, like other forms of cultural art, also try to be inclusive in their […]

Pokemon Unite, MOBA style game (like League of Legends, LoL: Wild Rift and DOTA 2) will arrive free for the Nintendo Switch in July and for cell phones in September. The announcement was made by The Pokémon Company and developer TiMi Studios of Tencent Games. The pocket monsters game uses the free-to-play model, meaning it’s […]

As happens every year, E3 is the time for big companies to present their new games that will be released in the coming months and years. However, things don’t always go as planned or, depending on the game, the title catches the people’s favor and is cheered. The same happens with the companies that make […]

Nintendo may not have shown much at E3 2021, and still owed the unveiling of the supposed Nintendo Switch Pro, which would be more powerful. But Big N did its job and showed good games and content at the event. Highlights were the announcement of Metroid Dread and a video of the sequel to The […]

The Xbox had one of its best conferences in the entire history of E3, the biggest and most important gaming event on the planet. At their conference held on June 13th, there were many new games introduced, such as Forza Horizon 5, and titles that had already been introduced had new details, such as Halo […]