Best coop games to play with friends – part 2

Cooperative games are excellent to play with friends or family either online or in the best of the local multiplayer, called “couch play” these days. Even more, at this time when we’re still in the pandemic, it’s a good way to have contact with the people you like most and have fun. Sherwa already showed some excellent games to play in coop , but now, we’ve new indications.

In this list, we have the games Moving Out, Sea of Thieves, Outriders, Valheim and It takes Two . Great games in which you can share your adventures and moments of fun.

Check out our list of best coop games.

5. Moving Out

Moving house is a tiring task, but not for those who play Moving Out . The game does all the work and bring furniture and appliances to the moving truck in an extremely fun and messy activity. You will laugh a lot when breaking furniture, windows, doors and having to perform unusual tasks. Remember that there are objects that can only be taken by two people, so the help of a friend is immortal.

4. Sea of ​​Thieves

A game coops success created by Rare takes you to be a pirate in a beautiful world created by Rare (from Battletoads , Banjo-Kazooie and Killer Instinct ). The sea is beautiful and realistic, and exploring the seas with friends is so much fun that you won’t see the time go by. Explore the seas, find mysterious islands, go on treasure hunts, battle ships against other players and much more. The possibilities are enormous.

3. Outriders

The online co-op game may not be great, but it is very effective in bringing a co-op challenge in this loot-packed third person shooter. Combat and skills are the great differentiator of the game, which brings different types of missions and character progression. You can assemble teams of up to three people to go in search of better weapons and equipment while exploring the rich world of the game. For Xbox gamers, the game is available on the Xbox Gamepass service.

2. Valheim

The greatest recent success of the games revisits Minecraft and evolves the game, bringing a Nordic theme. You will have to collect resources and build a lot to grow in this open world game that is a fever among streamers. And playing online with friends, everything you do or build will be even better.

1. It Takes Two

It Takes Two , as the name implies, needs two players to live this great adventure. Playing locally or online, the screen is divided as you face platforms and puzzles to advance the story. The look of the game is another highlight, as it is of the highest quality. And a very good detail: a person can buy the game and play with a friend without the need to buy another copy.

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