Battlefield 2042 is revealed and arrives for consoles and PC in October

Battlefield 2042 is the new game in the Electronic Arts franchise that has finally been announced. The first person shooter title is coming t PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. The release is scheduled for October 22, 2021 worldwide.

In the new game, the story takes place in the near future as the title makes clear, matches on next-gen consoles and on PCs will have up to 128 players. The old consoles will have a limit of 64 people and maps a little smaller. There will be no Campaign mode.

In addition to increasing the number of soldiers in battle, the game will feature natural threats such as tornadoes and sandstorms in the middle of matches.

How will it’ll be

The game takes place in a chaotic futuristic world where humanity faces its greatest crisis of all time. Nations and economies collapsed due to lack of resources and also natural disasters, caused by the neglect of environmental issues in recent decades.

In this context, the United States and Russia are at war and need to resort to a new type of soldiers, the Non-Patried. They are a group of flagless survivors who have adapted to the new world and fight on both sides in search of a place in the future.

Game Modes

Initially there will be three game modes. All-Out Warfare is the franchise’s classic mode, where players face off as two teams fighting over control points within a giant map. The second option is called Hazard Zone and, according to EA, it will be a squad focused mode, but the only confirmed information about the mode is that it will not be a Battle Royale. The last mode will be revealed on July 22nd.

BF 2042 will initially have seven maps such as South Korea, Singapore, French Guiana, India, Egypt, Qatar and Antarctica. These will be the biggest maps ever created compared to other titles in the franchise and will look amazing, using the power of next-gen consoles and PCs.

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