Quick Matches have changed and they are even quicker (got it?)! We added platform filters and now it is easier and faster to find friends and play at Sherwa. Before connecting to a player, you will be able to choose the platform you are playing and Sherwa will automatically connect you with someone compatible or […]

Besides telling amazing stories, many games have secrets to reward the most dedicated and curious players. From references to classics movies, pop culture and even to other games, the famous Easter Eggs are sometimes so well hidden that it takes a couple years for them to be found. We know that sometimes life moves too […]

The event that will put you in command of your money is starting this Friday (12) at PST 2pm! Besides being able to play with your favorite streamers, Sherwa is uniting forces with Z1 because we know you already mastered the control in many games and now it is time to control your money. Z1 Plays […]