Apex Legends arrives on Nintendo Switch

After a huge success on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the intense fighting battle royale is now in a new home. Apex Legends , from the creators of Titanfall , was released this Tuesday (9) for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s hybrid console owners can play crossplay with PC and console players. The game’s free, but you can buy items and skins.

Along with the release, Electronic Arts launches the Chaos Theory Collection Event. This event inaugurates a new Taking of the City, highlighting the popular Caustic Legend and the introduction of the Fury of the Ring Escalation Taking mode.

For the small (or large) screen

Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch was developed by Panic Button, a team known for the console and PC game ports for the hybrid video game. On the Switch, the game has an aiming option that uses motion sensors.

The performance on the console is 30 frames per second and in 720p resolution when played on TV with the Dock or 576p in portable mode.

All game content and updates arrive at the same time for the Nintendo console. All console users will receive a legendary look for Pathfinder, 30 free levels for the Season 8 Battle Pass and double XP if they log in during the first two weeks of the arrival of Apex Legends on the Switch .

Whoever plays on the Nintendo Switch will take action in Apex Legends during Season 8 – Chaos, which introduced the 16th Legend of the game, Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy, into the arena. Along with Fuse’s explosive fun, fans of Apex Legends can also find and equip the new 30-30 Repeater Lever Action Rifle and Golden Charger, while touring a completely revised version of the iconic Gorge map of the King.

Developer celebrates

“It’s been two years since we launched Apex Legends and we continue to drive the genre in meaningful and innovative ways, season by season, with new Legends, maps, weapons, exclusive modes and lots of more, “says Chad Grenier, game director.

“We also continue to bring the game to more people on new platforms and being able to launch for Nintendo Switch during the current season is a huge victory. We are excited to give players the chance to become their favorite Legend, even if they are away from the living room. We have many exciting surprises in store for this year and we will continue to give players even more ways to compete and, for those just starting out in the game, more reasons to return to play.”

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