Among Us: tips for being a great winner (or the best imposter)

Among Us became one of most played games these days and is a hit to play with friends and streamers are loving it. The curious thing is that the game was released two years ago, had a sequel in development, and only now has reached its best time, with people who spends hours trying to survive in a spaceship while trying to find out who in the group is the imposter. The latter must eliminate his colleagues and sabotage the ship.

In Among Us , available for PC and smartphones iOS and Android, wins the crew that manages to identify and expel the imposters or manage to accomplish the maintenance objectives of the ship to fill a green bar, which must be complete so that the crew members win. Those who are impostors must either eliminate all players or sabotage the ship, preventing crew members from carrying out their activities. It’s a game that requires knowing how to work as a team and being able to identify suspicious behaviors – or, in the case of an imposter, knowing how to deceive everyone well.

Here are some tips for you to be able to win the games of Among Us whether playing with friends or strangers.

Be quiet and speak at the right times

The game started, you gathered friends or entered a room with strangers for a game. For fun, the most important thing is that everyone remains silent during the game. No chatting on Discord or Hangouts and delivering tips to players and friends. When alive, speak only during the crew meeting or when requested. And keep it a secret. Don’t ruin the game!

Go for the goals

The crew members have a series of objectives to complete, such as repairing the spaceship wiring, passing security cards, regulating a series of instruments, etc. This causes the green bar to go up and, when it is complete, the crew wins the game. It is important for everyone to do this to try to guarantee victory.

On the other hand, whoever is an imposter must prevent objectives from being completed. To do this, he must eliminate the players. This must be done without other crew members seeing and denouncing the imposter, who, if voted by the majority, will be thrown into the vacuum of space.

The act of sabotaging facilities is the most powerful tool the imposter has. Proper sabotage can guarantee victory. It is possible, for example, to turn off the lights and eliminate crew members who are accompanied without being seen. Another smart sabotage is to lock a door to prevent other crew members from seeing you committing murder.

Watch the cameras (and pretend)

Whether as crew member or as an imposter, it is much easier to see suspicious movement on the ship through security cameras. As an imposter, do not eliminate the crew in front of the cameras. Watch out: when the red light on top of the camera is on, it means someone is in the security room looking.

When you are the imposter, whenever you pass a connected camera, try to act like a crew member. Stop at a task point in the room and pretend to be doing something. Walking quickly and just following people is very suspicious behavior. Watch out!

Pay attention!

Track the position of all crew members during the game. Stay tuned to where each one is going to do chores, regardless of whether they are a crew member or an imposter.

When a body appears, it becomes easier to identify who were the suspects who were in that region at the time of death and thus reveal the imposter. When someone sees the body, he’ll call a meeting. And that’s when you have to be good at talking so you don’t get ejected out of the ship.

Walk in a group

As much as a crew member or imposter (there may be more than one in the match), it is best to go in a group. As a crew member, it becomes more difficult for the imposter to kill you. When you’re an imposter, walking in a group can help deceive other players. Your interpretation needs to be convincing to win in Among Us .

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