Among Us: game gets its biggest update since release

The biggest update ever released for Among Us is now available. The game was revamped on PC, Nintendo Switch and cell phones and now players have new classes that bring new features during matches, in addition to an account evolution system, more unlockable items – among other small improvements and additions.

Whether you are one of the imposters or crew members, there will be new roles to play during matches, something that promises to bring even more dynamism to the gameplay.

There are three new classes for those who play alongside the crew: Engineer, who can use the ventilation tubes to move around; Guardian Angel, which can place a shield of protection for another player; and Scientist, who can check players’ vitals anywhere.

Whoever is an imposter has a new class: the Shapeshifter, or “shapeshifter”, who can disguise himself with the appearance of any other crew member on the ship, whether he’s alive or not.

The four don’t change the basic game mechanics: you still need to unmask the imposters while there’s still time and drive them off your ship. Meanwhile, whoever is an imposter needs to eliminate most of the crew to win. A silent dispute begins and runs until the end of each meeting, until everything is decided by votes.

More news

The Among Us update has more news. There is an improved account system, with a random ID for each player, allowing you to redeem purchases made on multiple devices.

There are also Beans, which can be obtained by playing matches. Anyone who accumulates a lot of them can buy Cosmicubes, which are additional cosmetic items for the characters.

In addition to the Beans, we also have the Stars, which are a premium currency, purchased with real money only, but which also serve to unlock content on Cosmicubes.

Among Us is available for PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile phones today. In addition to these platforms, versions of PS4 (backwards compatible on PS5) and Xbox One (backwards compatible on Xbox Series) will arrive on December 14th. So if you want even more ways to play one of the biggest phenoms of the past few years, there’s no shortage of opportunities.

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