Fortnite: Everything that Chapter 3 brings to us

Fortnite’s Chapter 3 has finally arrived! And it comes with a new map, new weapons and a new gameplay style for the most successful Battle Royale of the moment. And, in addition to all the new features, now we can get the Spider-Man skin. Excited?

The new season, Flipped, started this Sunday and runs until March 19, 2022.

The Fortnite map has been completely updated compared to the previous season. Nothing from Chapter 2 has been repurposed, but there are rumors that the island may turn from time to time to play the old map. There are new points of interest like the Daily Bugle, Peter Parker’s workplace, as we have Spider-Man’s skin. The map has snow and now Christmas decorations, and will continue to have weather changes throughout the first season.

In all, seven new weapons have been added to the game with different rarities and ways to obtain them. They are: Guard Assault Rifle, MK-7 Assault Rifle, Attack Shotgun, Automatic Rifle, Auxiliary Pistol, SMG Stinger and Hunter Sniper Rifle.

Similarly as it already exists in Call of Duty: Warzone, from now on Fortnite players can slide to increase their speed and avoid shooting from opponents. During mechanics, it is possible to build and shoot. To use it, just hold down the crouch key while running to start gliding, something that also works by going up.

One of the main new features is the tent system. It allows the player to build a tent, enter it to heal, including with other teammates. In addition, it is also possible to save up to three items to use in future matches.

Now the game gives Victory Crowns, which are awarded when the player gets a high rank. He can display it when starting the next game and use it to earn an experience bonus (EXP). If they manage to win the match using a Victory Crowns, the user receives a unique gesture that displays the total number of Crowned Royale Victories won during the season.

Check how Victory Crowns are awarded in Solo, Doubles, Trios and Squads:

  • Solo: four best players.
  • Doubles: players from the two best teams.
  • Trios: players from the best team.
  • Squads: players of the best team.

Season Pass

The new Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks and has 100 evolution levels, highlighting the Spider-Man and Foundation skins. The pass is also available through the Fortnite Club.

The Battlestar mechanic is the same as the previous season. Pass rewards are awarded based on a user’s progress in playing, completing challenges to gain experience, or purchasing item bundle levels with V-Bucks. The Battle Stars even serve to redeem the prizes in the order that is most preferable.

For each predefined page, the pass provides a special blocked reward. To unlock it, you need to redeem all other items on that page. After the 100th tier, for example, there are additional pages of extra rewards.

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