5 reasons to play Call of Duty Mobile

The image shows the Nuketown map from Call of Duty mobile.
The classic Nuketown map is in the mobile version of CoD.

Call of Duty is one of the biggest video game franchises and it’s always among the best selling games of the year. After all, every year you have a new entry for consoles and PCs. But the series, whose most recent game is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, has an incredible version for mobile, called Call of Duty Mobile. The game gets a lot of stuff  and contents from the consoles and put in your hands.

The game is free to download and play on phones with Android and iOS systems and you have several online game modes, including a battle royale mode for 100 players. Want to know the game better? Come with us!

Call of Duty Mobile: Anytime, Anyrywhere

Even playing with touchscreen controls, one of the strengths of Call of Duty Mobile is that you feel like you’re playing a real “big’ Call of Duty. You have the same gameplay style, movement, control, visuals… This means that you got everything that makes a Call of Duty game on your phone.

Almost all the weapons from the console and PC versions are in the game and you can unlock accessories and skins for them. Your character and weapons can have new skins unlocked when playing, you can level up them and, also, you have classic maps from the franchise. Among them are the beloved Nuketown, Crossfire and Standoff. Whoever played them will recognize it when playing on the mobile.

A lot of game modes

You don’t have a campaign mode, but you have almost all of the franchise’s multiplayer modes in Call of Duty Mobile, which means you have the good old 6 on 6 in Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy (where you need to find the bomb and deactivate it over time), Domination (the goal is to dominate three areas of the map and keep it protected) and Capture the Flag, for example.

You can  play the multiplayer mode in casual matches, but there is also the competitive modes with a online ranking. This mode brings together the best Call of Duty Mobile players and you can climb up in this online ranking, which enables new types of matches. You also get more XP playing ranked.

Battle Royale

Yes! You have a full battle royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile with up to 100 players playing together on a huge map. You can play in first person view and must explore the map to find weapons and items, as in any battle royale. But, just like in the console and PC Warzone mode, you have a game mode in which many players face off with the Call of Duty style that we love.

You can also play in the third person view and play with one more friend or set up a squad  up to four members. Also, you can choose a class that can help your team win. I like to play as medic because, even playing alone, I can heal myself, which gives a nice advantage in combat.

Controller options

As it is a mobile game, you can play with the touchscreen – there are virtual controls on screen to fire and jump, for example. But, at least on Android phones, you can connect a bluetooth controller to play Call of Duty Mobile. I’ve been using the Xbox One controller and it works very well. The feeling is the same as playing a Call of Duty game on the console. Combat is more accurate and you have a huge advantage over who is playing with the touchscreen controls.

Updates and seasons

Like many online games, Call of Duty Mobile has constant updates, which bring new content such as weapons, skins and maps. The game also has seasons, which helps to not get tired of the game anytime soon. There is a lot of new content and different game modes that come with each update.

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