3 amazing games to improve your aim

Shooting games are among the most popular titles on the planet today, and options abound between FPS (first person shooters) and third person shooters: CS: GO , Valorant , Overwatch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – and the future Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on the side of FPS; and PUBG, Free Fire and Fortnite on the other side.

Playing these games is really fun and even simple. On the other hand, whoever wants to go further and be one of the best, needs to train a lot to improve, especially, the aim. Fighting the most skilled enemies is an almost impossible task, but there are games that help you to train your aim.

We bring here three games that will train your aim. Check it out:

1. Aim Booster

This game, or tool, is not well known. However, it brings good game modes that can exercise the player’s speed and accuracy, something that can later be reflected in your favorite shooting games. You can play it in any internet browser. In “normal” mode, the game makes balls appear that grow and you need to click on them before they disappear.

Aim Booster trains his reaction speed, mouse movement and clicking and is good for those playing games like CS: GO , Call of Duty and Valorant .

There are nine training modes in total and you can customize them to make your workouts suit your style and also your needs.

2. Aim Hero

This game is paid, but the benefits it brings are incredible. Aim Hero is inspired by CS: GO , bringing the same maps found in the game so that the player can train the knowledge of these maps, where to stay to protect themselves and how to improve the your response time with different weapons.

There are eight training modes and three levels of difficulty. Another positive factor is the possibility to import the sensitivity settings of the game that you want directly to use in Aim Hero. Thus, you can work your technique focused on the game you play the most. Among the titles compatible with this feature are: CS: GO , PUBG , Fortnite , Rainbow Six: Siege , Overwatch , Paladins and Quake Champions .

3. Osu

This game is well known, especially a few years ago, when it was popular with streamers.

Osu is a rhythm game that focuses on being an exercise to aim and shoot, combining commands made with the mouse and the keyboard. The objective is to aim at the points that appear and walk with the pointer along the indicated path, all while pressing the corresponding keys.

This game is used as training for both FPS players and MOBA players like League of Legends .

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