11 eSports Games That Will Be Hot In 2020

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2020 will be one of the best for esports games. Competitive games like Free Fire, League of Legends, CS: GO, Fortnite, Overwatch, and PUBG will have tournaments throughout the year and thousands of dollars in cash will be given to the best pro players from around the world. Have you ever imagined yourself as a great esports champion? Did you know that you can follow and learn from the best pro players to improve your skills in your favorite games on PC and on mobile. You have games on all platforms.

We’ve gathered 11 games we expect to be the biggest in the esports games in 2020 so you can already prepare for what’s coming and, maybe even try to enter in tournaments yourself.

11. StarCraft II

The classic real-time strategy (RTS) game is one of the fathers of esports and had great competitions in the past, even before the name esports was a thing. Koreans are the strongest pro players on the competitive scene, with Park “Dark” Ryung Woo being the champion of the StarCraft II World Championship Series in 2019. South Korea’s hegemony was broken only in 2018 at the same tournament when Finnish Joona “Serral” Sotala won in the final.

Thanks to a partnership with Blizzard⁠— the company behind the game⁠— and ESL and Dreamhack for championships in 2020, the ESL Pro Tour was created and it has a prize of 1.8 million USD for the season. It’s an impressive amount for the grandpa of competitive games.

To be the best and be a winner in StarCraft II, you need to be quick on your fingers. The best players have a very high APM (actions per minute), allowing them to build units, buildings, obtain resources and attack opponents very quickly. It’s like a very complex chess match that requires quick thinking and a lot of strategy. The matches in these tournaments are usually exciting.

10. Heavy Metal Machines

The Brazilian MOBA  (which means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is investing heavily in esports The Hoplon studio has created two leagues — the Metal League and the University League⁠ — for new and amateur teams.

In the University League, there are 17 teams, 10 of which are in the access group and seven are in the elite category. The splits are four months long and, in the end, the two teams from the access bracket face the two worst teams from the elite bracket in a promotion series. Hoplon provides support of R$ 300 per month for the teams, a total of R$ 1.200 per split. Here is a great opportunity for you to enter onto the competitive scene.

The Metal League is held in partnership with ESL Play and has a prize of 1.500 Reais. The 16 best teams in the qualifying round are divided for playoff matches, with the top eight teams going to the Gold League and the rest competing for the Silver League. Teams from around the world can try their luck in the match.

9. League of Legends

One of the most popular MOBA-style games of all time remains strong, and the World Championship, called Worlds, will take place in Shanghai in 2020. Coincidence or not, the 10th annual Riot Games tournament that brings together the best teams on the planet will take place in the country where the last year’s world champion team, FunPlus Phoenix (FPX), came from. The promised prize is 1 million dollars.

A great tip to get along with LoL pro players is to build a balanced team, with characters of attack, defense and healing, and have good communication with the team. Having a good strategy and talking to your teammates is essential to becoming a champion.

8. Dota 2

The biggest League of Legends rival is known for having a hugely popular tournament, The International, which takes place in Stockholm, in an arena with a 16,000-seat capacity. The dates have not yet been announced, as well as the prize amount. But in 2019, the total prize was 35 million dollars, of which 15 million dollars was only for the winning team.

7. Overwatch

Blizzard’s first-person shooter’s still popular since its major launch in 2016 for consoles and PCs, but its constant updates and balancing updates have kept it a success until now. And the Overwatch League competition is the main one. Matches with the best players on the planet return in February, and the prizes have a total of 5 million dollars.

Overwatch has charismatic characters and, like MOBAs, heroes have unique fighting skills. A successful team manages to assemble a balanced group, with characters of attack, defense and healing (very important). The Overwatch League is the time for you to follow the league teams playing and to learn from the best.

6. Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft’s first-person tactical shooter has been a hit for years now. The main reason is the constant updating of content, bringing new operators to the fight, which shows the studio’s commitment to the game.

In esports, 2020 marks the eighth season of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League by ESL, which brings together the best teams from Latin America (including Brazil), North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The invitational matches have already started ⁠— you can follow them on our YouTube channel ⁠— and the prize exceeds 3 million dollars.

Team Liquid from the U.S. was the winner of 2019 and remains one of the favorite teams. Watching the team play is a Rainbow Six class, using a lot of communication and all locations on the map to attack and protect themselves.

5. Call of Duty

The first-person shooter series has for years been the best-selling game for consoles and PCs. And while it may not be as popular, the game’s esport competition, the Call of Duty League, is the most important for Activision’s game.

Now, we’ll see how the biggest pro player teams on the planet will play in the latest game in the franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The competitions started in February and run until June, with the final still with a date yet to be defined.

Unlike Rainbow Six, Call of Duty features intense matches with lots of kills. Good aim and speed are essential to becoming a winner.


PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds was once the main Battle Royale on esports, but has lost space to Free Fire and Fortnite in recent years. But it still has great tournaments on the competitive scene in 2020. And with the mobile version running side by side with the PC version, there are many competitions to follow.

The PUBG Mobile Club Open promises to give $ 1 million in two splits. So, you can see the teams playing the game on their cellphones and also learn from them. The matches take place throughout February, with the world final scheduled for May.

In the PC version, PUBG will have the PGS Berlin, a tournament that takes place in Germany in April. Teams from Latin America will make a qualifier, with ten already invited to participate due to their performances in 2019 and five were selected for the American finals: Red Canids, 100Medo, Meta Gaming, Team Rune and EXODIA. The matches that define who will go to Germany will take place in March.

3. CS: GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a phenomenon of popularity in first person shooter games and even Neymar as one of the players. Since the mid-2000s, when the World Cyber ​​Games tournament existed, the game was already one of the most watched and played, with teams that became legendary.

Traditional teams from the scene created the Flashpoint League, which will give a prize of 2 million dollars. The teams involved in the new league are MIBR, Cloud9, Gen.G, Dignitas, MAD Lions and c0ntact Gaming. The league’s intention is for a model that benefits not only organizations, but also CS: GO players themselves. There will be two seasons in the year with 12 participants, 10 who are members of the league and two classified through a selective.

2. Fortnite

The Fortnite World Cup managed to elevate the most successful Battle Royale game in recent years to esport – it was $ 30 million in prizes. Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf’s win, which earned him $ 3 million, showed that dedication and training lead to victory.

Although previous tournaments were held on PC, consoles will be featured in 2020.The Commemorative Championship will be played on PlayStation 4 and will be one of the first using a video game controller. There’s a grand prize of $1 million.

And soon, Fortnite will receive a new graphics engine. It’ll look better, and there will be many tournaments and events throughout the year for you to follow and maybe even participate.

1. Free Fire

The game is one of the biggest phenomena of eSports games and will be set up to be the main title of the competitive scene in 2020.

It was recently revealed that the free mobile Battle Royale will have its world championship, the Free Fire World Series, in Brazil for the second time. The country has one of the highest number of Garena Users in the world. The tournament takes place in November.  From February to March, we will follow the first season of the Pro League, which ends in April with a world championship in Indonesia. Then, in July, we have the end of the Pro League season before we follow the best teams on Brazilian soil at the end of the year.

What an amazing year Free Fire is going to have. Which games are you most excited to follow in esports in 2020?

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